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>31 March 09
After many, many months, I have finally fixed the broken updates on the WRL #001 page. In the near future I will be adding a couple of small updates on other projects that are currently taking place.
>30 June 08
Major restoration of the WRL #001 is complete. Though there are a few things to be done, the hard part is over. An official unveiling took place and break-in runs also occured. The caboose is currently on display in front of the Snoqualmie Depot.
New page added: The Unveiling
New pictures added: The Roof
>5 May 08
Caboose WRL #001 is now red! and lettering has been added to one side. Other hardware has been installed. Materials to cover the roof are on hand and should go on in the next couple of weeks. A public unveiling is planned for the end of May. Check the museum's web page for details.
New pictures added to the WRL #001 site - The Roof, Door and Window Trim, The Exterior.
>23 Mar 08
Work continues on the WRL #001. The door and window openings have been trimmed out. Interior painting has been finished and touch-ups done. Currently work is focused on the railings and steps (pics coming soon.)
New pictures added to the WRL #001 site - Door and Window Trim

On these pages are photos of recent restoration projects at the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie, Wa. I have been part of this museum for a short time. In that time I have become part of the core restoration team. We strive to bring back the museum's artifacts in a way that not only restores them to their former glory, but preserves them so future generations can enjoy them as well.

When I first became active in the museum, I was lucky enough to meet Rich Wilkens, the defacto museum artifact guru. At that time he was finishing a restoration of a Polson Lumber Co. wood log disconnect. The next project was construction of a steel push car, followed by a reconstruction of a wooden push car. These two little projects allowed us a chance to work together and find out each other's skills and knowledge. We stepped things up a bit with the next project, restoration of Skagit River Railway's trailer car #40. At 16' long, not very big, but small enough for the two of us to handle. The project went well, so well that we felt better able to tackle a more complex project. That project was the restoration of a Polson Lumber/Rayonier sidedump car. We are currently working on a much larger project, restoration of White River Lumber caboose #001.





Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!