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Recent Restorations at Snoqualmie

Built for the Polson Lumber Co., these Russel Wheel & Foundry Model 55 wood log disconnect cars were once the mainstay of logging operations. After their useful life as log cars were over, some found new life as trucks for camp cars.  These diconnects were last used under camp cars at Rayonier's Camp 14. One set is still in use under a camp car at Camp 6 in the Tacoma area. The Northwest Railway Museum has six of these cars. One was restored in 2001. It now sits in front of the museum's depot in Snoqualmie, Wa.

The disconnect is on display at the Snoqualmie depot.

A closer view of one corner of the car.

Extra large coupler knuckles are used to allow this car to couple to conventional equipment.

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