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This little car started life as a Polson Lumber Company side dump car. At some point in its life, it was rebuilt into a fire car. The wood center sill, dump pivot brackets and dump box were removed. A wood deck was added, on which a 1000 gallon tank was placed. A pump was mounted on one end, both to draw water from nearby water sources and to spray water on small fires if needed. A wooden tool box was added to the other end. It kept it's original 24" wheels and journal boxes. It was originally painted red oxide with a black frame. Later the oxide red was changed to fire engine red.
The car was rebuilt, possibly in the early to mid 1970s. At that time, a new deck was applied, the tank was moved toward the tool box end a bit, a plywood tool box replaced the original plank one, hand rails were added to the top of the tank, a new steel hose reel was added, and a new pump was installed.
The car was in use until the railroad was abandoned. It's last known use was for weed spraying service.

Rayonier fire car, subject of the latest restoration project.

Looking at the tool box end.

The tool box end.

Looking at the pump end.

The pump end. The pump sits in the holder to the right.

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