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Recent Restorations at Snoqualmie

Plans are to rebuild the fire car to its early 1960's appearance: the handrails and hose reel will be removed, the decking will be replaced, damaged I-beams will be replaced, an original style hose reel and flood light will be added, and all steel parts will be cleaned, primered and painted. Currently it is not known what type of pump was originally on the car. A replacement pump will be used until such a time as the original pump is determined.

The tool box. This plywood box will be replaced with a 1X12 plank box.

This hose holder is the remains of the railing that once encircled the pump platform.

The tank drain hangs down inside the frame and behind the wheel axle.

The fire hose reel, a replacement, will be removed and an original style reel installed.

This is the water neck, where the tank is filled.

Rayonier Fire Car

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