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Having previously built two puch cars, it was decided that a trailer car should be built. The push cars have a variety of uses, but they can not be used to transport people. That is where the trailer car comes in. It is loosely based on a Fairmont design. This car is built from scratch, with only the wheels and some of the brake parts from Fairmont and Kalamazoo. The car is made of wood(douglas fir), with steel braces and brackets. It can hold up to twelve passengers and some tools. It has a hand brake, a requirement to be able to transport passengers. Head lights and tail lights will be added to make the trailer car visible to cars and people near the tracks.
The wood frame members were cut to length and notched. The peices were then test fitted and hole locations marked. After the holes were drilled, the pieces were reassembled. The steel parts: draw bar, angle brace, cross braces, and pipe handles were then cut to length, test fitted, and drilled. The whole frame was then put together to make sure everything fit.

Here the frame members are being test fit together.

The pipe handle is in place to mark the frame for drilling.

Once the frame was squared up, the draw bar was marked for location.

The cross braces were notched to fit over the frame members.

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