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Okay, not strictly a rail car, but these trucks do have four wheels. The Northern Pacific Railroad built these trucks in the 1890s for freight car use. When NP retired this type of truck, Polson Lumber purchased a number of them for use under camp cars. These trucks last saw service under camp cars at Rayonier's Camp 14.
These swing motion archbar style trucks are made of wood and steel. Much of the metalwork is original. Some metal components were replicated using originals as patterns. All the wood components were replicated with reclaimed old growth lumber using original pieces as templates.

The truck frame cross members have been cut, notched and drilled.

The frame cross members have been primered. They are resting on the center castings.

A spring plank cut, notched and primered.

Rub plates being added to the frame cross members.

An important yet obscure component, the dust guard. This fits into the back of the journal box.

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All photos Copyright 2003 by Martin Nemerever. Duplication prohibited without permission.